Download Countdown Timer – Schedular

Download Countdown Timer – Schedular and have the added advantage of preparing your event timing before the commencement of your event.

Schedular is available on the PC (windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10) and MacOS (10.9 and above)

Purchase a license to activate product or use the FREE impromptu feature.


Windows Download

 MacOS Download



Display: Event Title, Time And Next Event Title


Time Only Fullscreen Display Mode


external extended Screen & Parent PC


Windows Download

  MacOS Download


Spicing things up with a different font.


Schedules Saved for Future Events.


Add Time To Ongoing Event


Subtract Time From Ongoing Event


Time Up. Extra Time Is Displayed.


Windows Download

 MacOS Download


Customize Options(Theme, Font, Mode, Sound …)


Display: Event Title & Time.


Display: Event Time & Next Event Title


Windows Download

 MacOS Download


Video series details schedular’s features

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