Desktop Countdown Timer For PC – Windows & Mac

The current countdown timers in the timer space are built for narrow simplistic applications.

Schedular countdown timer for PC covers these narrow applications of a timer and more in demanding scenarios or events.

Schedular countdown timer is suited for public speaking, sporting, ceremonial and pitching events, as well as church services and private time management.

You have an added advantage of preparing your event schedule ahead of time, tracking time usage and more. This is the best countdown timer ever.


Features Include:

  • Event Schedule Creation
  • Track and analysis time usage
  • Multiple display modes
  • Count Up or Count down timer modes
  • Customize Color scheme
  • Easy navigation and controls


Windows Download

 MacOS Download


Check the Documentation page for detailed breakdown of usage.

Schedule Creation:

Schedular countdown timer comes with a key feature to help you plan, set up and time the order of your events before the event begins.

This is a key feature as you can create as many schedules as is necessary.
You get to set up the timing and order of several events, select and run which ever when event time comes.


Display Modes:

Schedular countdown timer for PC comes to you with varying display modes.
You can set up the timer to display the current event title, the current event time and the next or upcoming event title.

This is great information for event anchors and speakers as it helps them have a gauge of where the event is and how far the event still has to go.

Timer display mode can be set up as a mixture of  current event title, time and next event title, time is a fixed display component( what’s the use of a timer without a time?).

You can also go fullscreen mode, displaying only the time of the current event.


fullscreen countdown timer mode for pc


Windows Download

 MacOS Download


We built this feature in for those who do not prepare for their event ahead of time and it is free feature that can be used with or without activating the software.

With the impromptu feature you set the time on the fly as the event at hand needs.

This display mode of the impromtu timer screen cannot be changed, It  is setup to work in fullscreen mode perpetually.


Color Schemes:

We set no limits on the color scheme that you can select for your usage.

For the sake of legibility, the color selected will apply to the time background and text title, respective complementary colors(white or black) will be selected by the App for the time foreground and the text background.

Complementary color is selected based on the brightness of the theme color you select.



With Schedular countdown timer for PC you have full control over the setup of the App.

From the text font, the time up text, timer mode(count up, count down), sound to signify time up approach, usage with extended screen or not, the App is yours to fully customize.


countdown timer on pc, settings


Analysis Of Time Usage:

After running your events, you can analyse the usage of your time by each event, time allocated, time used, extra time used.

This information gives you room to wiggle either the timing of certain events or the order of the events.

This is an analysis feature that is made available only to the schedules that you create in the schedular database, the events run on the free impromptu feature do not get analysed.


Controls And Navigation:

Pause an ongoing event’s time, navigate back and forth between previous and next events, modify the time of the current event by adding or subtracting time while the event is ongoing.

You have great control and flexibility over the controls.

The control tools of the timer are absolutely simple to use.


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