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Windows (8 & 10) Free Download

Features Include:


  • Manage several businesses
  • Analyse business trends
  • Create client profile and wallet
  • Credit & Debit client wallet
  • Prepare invoices
  • Mail client invoices
  • Reuse invoices
  • Prepare bulk invoices
  • Track payments to vendors
  • Track all incomes
  • Mail payment receipts
  • Track all expenses
  • Project future earnings.
  • Automate inventory tracking
  • Create Staff account
  • Automate payroll preparation
  • Automate tax deductions
  • Mail staff payslip
  • Prepare tax reports
  • Create Assets
  • Track Depreciation
  • Granulated user access control
  • Print receipts, invoices, reports…
  • Export reports to Excel


    • Import previous clients, incomes and expenses.
    • And more…


All at affordable prices.

Windows Free Download