Have you tried managing your business with Apps that are either too complex or too simple?

Are you looking for an App that does not require you to learn accounting lingo?

Biz 123 is built for small to medium scale businesses with several hustles and little time for bullshit.

Download 30 days Trial Windows(8 & 10)

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  • Manage several businesses.
  • Analyse business trends.
  • Create client profile and wallet.
  • Credit & Debit client wallet.
  • Easy invoice preparation.
  • Mail client invoices.
  • Mail client receipts.
  • Reuse invoices.
  • Prepare bulk invoices.
  • Track payments to vendors.
  • Track all incomes & expenses.
  • Project future earnings.
  • Automate inventory tracking.
  • Estimate viable selling price based on production cost.
  • Create Staff account.
  • Prepare payroll.
  • Automate tax deductions.
  • Mail staff pay slip.
  • Generate tax reports.
  • Create Assets & track depreciation.
  • Granulated user access control.
  • Export files and reports to Excel or PDF.
  • Import previous data(clients, incomes and expenses…) via excel.
  • And more…

All at cool prices.

If need help setting up, please contact us.