Qcheck is a web based school administrative software, built with extreme ease of use in mind (with offline and online usage) for student registration, student’s results processing, school fees bill preparation, school fees payment records & analysis and school time table preparation. With ever demanding and increasingly complex school administrative process and operations, the use of software to power operations has become essential.


  • Zero upfront investment.
  • Student Registration.
  • Students result processing.
  • Offline interface for result processing. 95% of the result work is done without internet connection.
  • Personalized student’s results with student pictures.
  • Comfort and ubiquity for parents/students in viewing results (anywhere).
  • School fees bill preparation for coming terms.
  • Student’s school fees payment records.
  • Easy sorting of payment records with as many parameters as possible.
  • Time table creation (Displayed per class or as the whole school).
  • Assignment portal (Portable file formats for student access and downloads).
  • Secure logins for all users.
  • User deactivation/activation controls.
  • Significant reduction in paper costs on school administrative duties.
  • Extreme ease of use.

With our school administrative software, Qcheck, the school will be advancing into the current 21st century trend of rapid IT innovations, digitization, speeding up operations and improving her perceived view (branding) by parents, prospective parents and the society at large.

Quibos Development will provide:

  • Customized version of Qcheck for the school.
  • Installation of Qcheck.
  • Training of School staff on the use of the Qcheck.
  • Consistent technical support.
  • Free upgrades to more sophisticated and improved versions.

We look forward to working with your school to make operations and management Easier, Faster, and more Sophisticated.

Contact us for more details and a presentation.